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Usage and Attitude (U&A)

Service Introduction

The Use Habits and Attitude Research (U&A Research), is designed to study consumer's usage habits and behavior, offering a comprehensive, usable and unfixed analysis framework for practical research. U&A Research provides information on consumer usage and purchasing habits, attitude toward products and brands, and brand mix at the demand-end. With this information, businesses can scientifically settle the following marketing management problems:

  • Seek market opportunities for existing and new products;
  • Effectively segment the markets, select target markets and settle product orientations;
  • Establish marketing strategy scenarios;
  • Evaluate business marketing activities.


B2B marketing businesses and consulting service companies

Service Content

U&A Research mainly weighs the following indexes:

  • Brands: popularity, trial use rate, brand diversion, loyalty
  • Usage: used products, users, application time, occasions, modes and frequency
  • Purchase: purchased products, buyers, purchasing occasions, modes, frequency and amount
  • Brand Assessment: overall, functional, emotional
  • Media Contacts: TV, newspapers, radio, network and outdoors
  • Life Forms: social values, attitude towards life, family, career and purchase
  • Background Information: business establishment time, sales revenues, number of employment and business ownership

Service Advantage

  • Our unique database resource ensures a wide coverage of business users. On the basis of the national economic census database, ACMR keeps updating its databases annually, including updating business information, contact details and contact persons.
  • Strict quality control, such as interview monitoring, re-examination of questionnaires and sampling re-visits, ensures the quality and credibility of the data.
  • Powerful data collection capacity, backed with 80-seat CATI center that interview about 800 businesses each month. ACMR has agencies in all major cities assisting to implement the projects.
  • Analysis in line with industrial features to meet with specific demands of clients.